How to make snowman cupcakes:)

  • 12.12.2013, 13:39


First of all you will need som cupcakes:) I used vanilla cupcakes with a soft white vanilla frosting.


To put the frosting on the cupcakes I use wilton tip 2A, but if you dont have it you can use the M1 or just a spoon for that matter;) You will be able to shape the frosting a bit once you place the snowman "face" on the cupcake, so it is really not that important how you get the frosting on the cupcake.

You want enough frosting to be able to round of the shape a bit, but you don't want it to come out around the edge of the "face".

I have circle cutters in different sizes and use those, but if you don't have circle cutters you can just use different sized cups instead. Find the size you need by holding the cup over the frosted cupcake. The cup should be a little wider then the cupcake so that the sugarpaste will cover the whole surface of the cupcake.

Use a white sugarpaste and use your circle cutter or cup to make as many "faces" as you need:)


Color a small piece of sugarpaste orange and shape as many noses as you need from it:) Let them set for a few minutes while you take another piece of sugarpaste and color it black. 

Put the noses on with edible glue. You can either buy edible glue or make it from tylose or a little piece of sugar paste that you disolve in water. Don't put all the noses on in the middle, but try to put some on to the sides, high and low on the faces. That way you will have a variety of expressions and your group of snowmen will look better:) 


Make small pieces of "charcoal" from the black sugarpaste.


Glue them on with edible glue:)


If you have edible marker you can easily draw a mouth instead of using sugarpaste. We did a little of both:)


Now that you have made the snowman facese you can put on hats and scarves if you like:) I recommend that you use the same size cutter/cup that you did when cutting the face circle. That way the the outer edges will fit neatly on to each other:) 


The line facing towards the nose should be made with a much larger cutter or even cut with a scissor. As usual, I forgot to take some of the pictures I intended to take, but you can see from the two bottom snowmen what I am talking about:) I cut the inner line with a scissor on those two. On the upper left scarf, I used a much larger circle cutter the the one I made the outline with:) The reason for this is simply that if you use the same size or even a smaller cutter it will not reach the edges of the scarf or hat. The final result will then look weird. The "knitted" edge on the lower right hat I made with the dull side of a knife blade. A pom pon for the hat is easily made using a small sharply pointed scissor (like an embroidery scissor). You make a small ball out of sugarpaste and then use the scissor to snip loads of small cuts in the ball. I couldn't find my embroidery scissor when I was making the pom pons, bot a large scissor also worked.... well..... worked...ish....

The scarves are made in much the same way as the hats. Use the same circlecutter as before for the outer line and use a scissor for the inner line. Try to drape this piece it a little to make it look like fabric. Then you make a small rektangular shape, like the one on the picture below. Use a knife or a tool like the one on the picture to make a pattern i both ends of the scarf.


Fold it like this:


Glue it on:)


Another thing you can do, if you have edible powder colors, is to make your own colored sugar and decorate with:) Put a small amount of sugar and coclor i a cup and stir until all the color has been blended in.


It will look something like this when your done:


Put some edible glue on where you want the sugar to stick, and just pour some on in the area:) The excess will fall of if you gently tip the cupcake over:)


And here is the result:)


 What do you think? Want to try it out?  :)

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How to make a rainbow cinnamon wreath:)

  • 08.11.2013, 00:55


Make a cinnamon wreath bread dough:

800 grams all-purpose flour

2 dl sugar

1/2 ts salt

1/2 ts cardamom

1 pack (or 25 grams) of active dry yeast

4 dl milk

50 grams of butter


I made a double one for this because I give cake to everyone I know ;)


Mix all the dry ingredients (including the yeast) REALLY WELL in a bowl. Weigh the flour and divide in 6 different bowls.


Melt the butter and mix it with the milk. Colouring the dough after adding the liquids is really heavy, so instead we pour equal amounts of liquids in 6 bowls and color it in 6 different colors:) Now one at a time heat the coloured liquid until it reaches about 39-40 degrees celsius.

I made a red one to, I just forgot to take a picture ;)

Mix in one 6th of flour, and move on to the next color;) I really appretiate my Kenwood for these jobs. Didn't have it when i made this wreath though, so I had knead it myself ;)


Put the now coloured pieces of dough in two bowls, separating the different colors with baking paper. Cover and let rice in a warm place for 1 hour.


When the doughs have just about doubled in size you knead lightly and roll out each piece so that they become long strips. Glue them together with water.

Roll out the whole piece and use a food brush t add a thin layer of butter. Sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon.


Roll it up REALLY TIGHT!


Cut in in two down the middle lenghtwise and place them next to each other, cutted side up.

 Twirl it. Keep the cutted side up while you twirl.


Put baking paper on a baking tray and place the wreath in a circle.


Let rice again for about 45 minutes, then place it low in the oven for about 35-40 minutes in 170 degrees celsius.

Cool it, put some royal icing on it and enjoy ;)

As usual I forgot to take a photo of the finished product (I am working on getting better at that thogh). It looked like in the picture above, but about double in size and a bit golden. I thought it would taste funny with all the food color. It didn't at all! It tasted fantastic! It would be fun to try and make it with all natural colors though:) I did manage to take a picture of how it looked inside:



My niece thought it was so cool :D



What do you think?


Det var baking denne bloggen skulle handle om da jeg startet den, men som med så mange ting blir det ikke så mye tid til det at jeg får blogget så mye jeg vil om jeg kun skal blogge om det;) Jeg er også opptatt av familien min, dyrevelferd, økologi, gjenbruk og miljø. Det som startet som en bakeblogg er altså blitt en familie-hverdags-aktuelt-økologi-livsstils-bakeblogg....eller noe sånt.... Litt av hvert med andre ord:) Legg meg gjerne til som venn:)

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